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Outdoor Musical Instruments

These large, strong, and beautiful outdoor musical instruments are designed to complement schools, playgrounds, sensory gardens, public spaces/buildings, and park/forestry settings. People of all ages and abilities enjoy these instruments which are designed to stimulate the senses, being sonorous, visually striking and highly tactile. My outdoor musical instruments have been evolving over twenty years, drawing upon my knowledge of African and Asian instruments, combined with practical ability and a creative attitude to design.
Workshops can be run involving school pupils with every aspect of outdoor instrument making, through their design, setting, making and installation.
My outdoor musical instruments are built to last using quality materials throughout: the posts of the frames are made of large section, 12.5cm x 12.5cm (5" x 5") English oak with traditional pegged mortice and tenon joints; thick stainless steel rope is used to suspend the bars/tubes, and all tensioners, clamps etc. are stainless steel, while the grommets, spacers, and rubber tubes are UV stable and should have a long working life.
Commissions designed to specific needs are always welcome. New designs for outdoor musical instruments are always evolving so feel free to contact me to discuss your needs/ideas.

Outdoor Musical Instruments - ManzaManza

This tubular bell outdoor musical instrument has ten, 75mm (3") diameter aluminium tubes mounted in an oak frame measuring 2.1m x 2.1m (7' x 7'). The instrument is tuned to a five note scale, with pairs of tubes being tuned to the same note, but one octave apart, hence its unusual arrangement of five pairs of long and short tubes. This facilitates octave playing, which many people find satisfying and calming. It takes its name, Manza, from a xylophone in central Africa that has its bars arranged in the same order.

Youtube video

Price £1800 plus installation
Outdoor Musical Instruments - xylophoneXylophone

This xylophone is a small version of the marimba with a sweet chestnut frame (oak available on request) measuring approximately 1.2metres long and 45cm wide. It has 14 bars tuned to a five note scale, made of padauk. The bars are 75mm (3") wide and produce a crisp ‘xylophone’ sound. A cedar rain cover can be made as an extra on request.

Price £1400 plus installation.
Outdoor Musical Instruments - Marimba and rain coverMarimba
Outdoor Musical Instruments - Marimba and rain coverMarimba
This outdoor musical instrument is a true marimba with double octave overtone tuning. It has 15 bars tuned to a pentatonic scale covering almost 3 octaves. The frame is made of seasoned oak or sweet chestnut. The overall length is 2 metres, and is 50cm wide and 80cm high. The bars are made of padauk for a fantastic sound and good durability. The bars are made 95mm (4") wide to produce a powerful fundamental note. To make it a durable instrument for outdoors an easily removable cedar rain cover is included which prolongs the marimba’s life. An optional extra for this marimba is a set of 75mm (3") diameter aluminium resonators. Instruments with different tunings and number of bars can be made; email for quote.

Price with oak frame and cedar rain cover £2400 plus installation
Outdoor Musical Instruments - BatphoneBatphone

These outdoor musical instruments are very easy to play, producing a funky bass sound. It is played with table tennis shaped foam bats. The 75mm (3") diameter green pipe is thick walled and heavy duty, much stronger than standard drain pipe. The green colour helps it blend into natural surroundings. The frame is made of reclaimed aluminium scaffolding, so is strong and durable.

Price £650 plus installation.
Outdoor Musical Instruments - Metal BatphoneAluminium Batphone

The 100mm (4") diameter aluminium pipes produce a superior sound to the plastic version; louder and very responsive. This aluminium batphone has thick walled pipe making it very strong. The six tubes are accurately tuned to a five note scale covering one octave. The frame is also made of reclaimed aluminium scaffolding.

Youtube video

Price £1650 plus installation
Outdoor Musical Instruments - Outdoor CybergongsOutdoor Cybergongs

These outdoor musical gongs are made from 150mm (6") diameter aluminium; the longest being 12 feet long. The set of three gongs are tuned to a chord thus avoiding dissonances. The deepest gong produces a sound that lasts for at least one minute. The sound is so deep and powerful you can feel it vibrate. The gongs are placed in a triangle so that they interact with other when struck. The frames are made of reclaimed aluminium scaffolding.

Youtube video

£1650 plus installation
Outdoor Musical Instrument - AkadindaAkadinda

This 17 bar log xylophone has bars made of durable and sonorous padauk or reclaimed pitch pine when available. Its overall length is 2.1m (7'), with the longest bar being 1m (39") long. The curved frame is 17.5cm x 17.5cm (7" x 7") section, and cut from a bent oak log. Such extreme curves are rare, and each instrument is unique depending on the logs available. This instrument is inspired by the large Ugandan log xylophone known as Akadinda (aka = big, dinda = xylophone bars). It is tuned to a five note scale and played by up to six people striking the ends of the bars with sticks. Interlocking patterns are played to form polyrhythms. This instrument can also be played with soft rubber beaters. I also make the smaller Amadinda (ama = small) with 12 bars.

Youtube video

Price £2100 plus installation.

Outdoor Musical Instruments - Tubular Gongs Tubular Gongs

I have called this outdoor musical instrument a 'gong' because its sound is more akin to a Javanese gong, or kempul, than a tubular bell. It is played with large, soft, all-weather gong beaters. This instrument measures 3.15 m (10' 6") high by 1.8m (6') wide. The tubes are 10cm (4") diameter heavy gauge aluminium, the longest being over 2.4m (8' 3") long. The gongs, or bells have a very powerful but mellow sound, and continue vibrating for over one minute. Players enjoy experimenting with this instrument, touching the gongs and feeling them vibrate.

Youtube video

Price £2100 plus installation.

Outdoor Musical Instruments - Tongue Drums Outdoor Tongue Drums

These tongue drums have been developed to withstand outdoor conditions. Each drum has two tongues, one on each side, tuned to different pitches, often with intervals of fifths or octaves. They work well in sensory gardens due to the strong vibrations they produce: when struck, the whole instrument "hums", and this vibration is transferred to the ground when installed in a grass/earth area. They can be bought individually, but work well in a group to encourage players to interact. These drums are 70cm (2' 6") tall, but can be made much larger.

Price £375 each plus installation.

Where possible instruments are installed by us. This is charged at a day rate, plus travel and accomodation if necessary. Please e-mail or phone for more details.

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